November 15, 2023

The Rise of Layer 2 Blockchains: Enhancing Speed, Scalability, and Compliance

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In recent weeks, there has been a surge in the development of new 'layer 2' blockchains that aim to facilitate fast and efficient transactions on top of the Ethereum network. This article explores some of the notable announcements in this space.

The Rise of Layer 2 Blockchains: Enhancing Speed, Scalability, and Compliance

OKX's Plan to Build a Layer 2

One significant announcement came from the crypto exchange OKX, which revealed its plans to build a layer 2 solution using Polygon's technology. This move highlights the growing interest in layer 2 solutions and their potential to enhance transaction speed and scalability.

Kinto's Compliance-Focused Layer 2 Network

Another noteworthy development is the emergence of Kinto, a layer-2 network that prioritizes compliance with anti-money laundering laws. Kinto has secured $5 million in funding this year and is utilizing Optimism's OP Stack to achieve its objectives. This demonstrates the importance of regulatory compliance in the layer 2 space.

Redstone: An Alternative Data Availability Chain

The Lattice team has introduced Redstone, an 'alternative data availability' chain built on Optimism's OP Stack. This innovative solution aims to address data availability challenges in layer 2 networks.

The Need for Multiple Layer 2 Solutions

While there are concerns about the adoption of these layer 2 networks, developers argue that there is still a demand for more solutions. Ryan Wyatt, the newly appointed Chief Growth Officer of the Optimism Foundation, emphasized the necessity of multiple layer 2 chains to meet the growing needs of the ecosystem.

Cardano's Interest in Layer 2

Even Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson expressed interest in layer 2 technology. In a tweet, he indicated his willingness to explore partnerships with layer 2 providers, referencing Kraken's discussions with Polygon, Matter Labs, and Nil Foundation. This demonstrates the increasing recognition of layer 2 solutions across different blockchain platforms.


The proliferation of layer 2 blockchains signifies a growing trend in the blockchain industry. These solutions offer the potential to enhance transaction speed, scalability, and regulatory compliance. As the demand for layer 2 solutions continues to rise, it is clear that a single mainnet is insufficient. The industry needs a diverse range of layer 2 networks to meet the evolving needs of developers and users alike.

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