November 9, 2023

TomiChain: Revolutionizing Ethereum Scaling and Usability

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TomiChain, the layer two scaling solution developed by Tomi, a DAO-governed Web 3.0 infrastructure project, is set to revolutionize the way Ethereum scales globally. With its innovative features and partnerships, TomiChain aims to address the technical obstacles and limitations that have hindered the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

TomiChain: Revolutionizing Ethereum Scaling and Usability

Solving the Usability Challenge

Blockchain technology offers unique benefits, but its technical complexities have made it challenging for average users to take advantage of them. TomiChain aims to change that by introducing intuitive interfaces and affordable transaction fees. By making blockchain more accessible, TomiChain opens up new possibilities for end users.

Enhancing Scalability and Speed

One of the major limitations of Ethereum is its scalability and slow transaction speeds. TomiChain, in collaboration with zkSync, an Ethereum-scaling protocol, leverages zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to enable over 2,000 transactions per second. This is a significant improvement compared to Ethereum's current capacity of around 15 transactions per second.

Addressing High Gas Fees

In addition to scalability, TomiChain tackles Ethereum's high gas fees by introducing a shared gas-fee model. This model divides the funds between network operators, token creators, and wallet developers, creating a circular economy and incentivizing participation. By reducing transaction costs, TomiChain paves the way for wider adoption of blockchain technology.

Key Features of TomiChain

TomiChain offers several key features that enhance its usability and functionality:

  • Automated Payments: Similar to subscription-based models, TomiChain enables recurring billing, providing a convenient monetization tool for subscribers and app developers.
  • No-Code Generator and DAO Framework: Simplifies the onboarding of new assets and communities, making it easier for developers to integrate with TomiChain.
  • DOP Integration: TomiChain includes a native integration with the Data Ownership Protocol, giving users complete control over their data in every interaction.

Empowering the Community

Led by seven leaders in the crypto industry, Tomi is committed to creating an alternative and decentralized internet governed by the community through a DAO. This vision is embodied in tomiNet, Tomi's DAO-governed alternative to the World Wide Web. TomiChain will serve as the centerpiece of the tomiNet infrastructure, powering all future product launches.

With its groundbreaking features and commitment to user accessibility, TomiChain is set to revolutionize the blockchain industry. By enabling multi-token transactions, affordable fees, and enhanced scalability, TomiChain opens up new possibilities for developers and end users alike. Join the Tomi community and be part of the future of blockchain technology.

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